This video is dedicated to one of the most frequent request: latex dishwashing gloves. I planed to do 5 video using a variety of gloves in different colors, materials and textures. By this series of videos I want to thank you all for supporting my channel! Now I have got one thousand subscribers and it’s all because of your suggestions, requests and support! Thank you very much, I hope I can continue to delight and surprise you!


I open to requests, read comments and messages and try to answer everyone! I take criticism positively: please do not hesitate to write about the shortcomings of video, so I can fix flows in the future!

I am very grateful to everyone who appreciates my work, leaves suggestions, requests and helpful comments about shortcomings of video and how to fix them. Each new subscriber makes me happy, because I understand that I’m able to bring people peace and save from insomnia. This is very important for me. And I’m happy that I can help someone.

Thank you for watching this video!