In today’s video, I’ll show you a set of pencils for drawing. Among them will be the most ordinary pencil and sanguine, coal and other materials for painting. I’m going to create a variety of sounds with them, as well as using paper, pencil sharpener and boxes, where they are stored. Also I’m going to make whispering from ear to ear. I hope you enjoy the variety of sounds.

I am sorry that there was no new videos last few days. My interest is not extinguished, it’s only multiplied. The reason of this is that I could not do a lot of videos because of examinations in the university, but now I hope I will have more time for this! Thank you for your patience. And yes, I remember about all the requests, I try to deal with them in the next couple of weeks.

00:00 – 01:55 – Introduction (Whispering from ear to ear)
01:56 – 05:35 – Rubbing a bunch of pencils
05:36 – 11:53 – Metal boxes with different pencils (Tapping, drawing, rubbing in the box)
11:54 – 21:50 – Drawing
21:51 – 29:00 – Sharpening


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Thank you for watching this video!