Hi Guys…. I’m back!!

The sound of a pencil moving across paper, whether it is coloring in, drawing or writing, is such a big trigger for me. So I thought it was a great choice for my re-emergence video.

I do whisper a little bit throughout, although not too much. Let me know what you think about the way this sounds and whether or not you’d like more videos with whispering or softly spoken.

I hope that you find this video relaxing and that it gives many tingles.

(I’m using an old, old camera and it does tend to go in and out of focus a bit, and the sound is not the greatest. So I apologise for that. Getting a new camera and microphone is top of my wishlist so hopefully I’ll be putting out better quality videos soon.)

Thank you for relaxing with me and thanks especially to all my subscribers who have stuck with me from the start.

With Purrs,
ASMRKitty x

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