In this video I’m trying to prepare you to one of most important event in your life by making a new haircut, makeup and skin cleaning for you! I hope you will enjoy this!

I’m going to start from cleaning your face from your makeup and to use spray with mineral water, special liquids for makeup removing and cosmetic cotton pads with bath sheet.
In the second part of the video I’m going to make your haircut by two scissors: for a usual hair cut and for your fringe. Also I’m going to use a wooden brush and spray bottle with water.
Before the makeup I’ll make another great shape for your eyebrows by eyebrow tweezers, comb, brush and little scissors.
At the end of the role play I’ll do your makeup, using different makeup products: mascara, foundation, liquid lipstick (tint), eyeshadows, eyebrows shadows and wax, powder and other.


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Thank you for watching this video!