So you took an arrow to the knee? That’s cute.
THERE ARE MINOR SPOILERS IN THIS FOR ME1 AND THE BEGINNING OF ME2. I have tried to keep this minimal but if you have not played the game – and intend to – you will be a little spoiled.
So, this RP takes place near the beginning of ME2 when Garrus gets hurt. After waking up he runs off to see Shepard and then comes back to the Medbay for treatment from yours truly. For some reason, I forgot to apply Medigel. Doctor fail.
Triggers are similar to a cranial nerve exam and include: personal attention, light tracking, face touching and uh …. ‘scent detection’?
I am not 100% happy with this video but I have tried refilming it and this is the best of the three. I am pretty much a perfectionist up until the point where I just give in and end up returning to the first attempt. I hope you can forgive me for the lack of eye contact in a few areas of this video (I got distracted by shiny things like the torch). This is something I am seriously working on and will flip the cameras display around next time like an intelligent nondistractable person. And again, sorry about my eyebrows. That is one thing I cannot fix =P In short: I am bit nervous but I hope some of you like this ^___^

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